Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cable Cars and More Are we Lagging Behind?

Cable cars and more..Are we lagging behind in this country? I recently had a very interesting discussion with a close friend.  Seems that in the last few years, the U.S. has been staying static about helping eliminate pollution, helping the poorer segments of the population and on and on. It was pointed out to me that South America seems to be surpassing us in working on WIN-WIN solutions to these types of problems.

Medellin, Columbia, South America found a way (when money was tighter than tight) to put into place a cable car system(an innovation presented to them by a Canadian project) that allows the poorer citizens who live on the mountain and who has to spend an hour getting down to the city to work, to travel to the city via cable car or escalator taking 5 (five) minutes for the trip and for free! What a concept! Caring about the citizens, improving their standard of living and the companies where they work have happier employees, getting to work on time and working hard.  As I said, a WIN WIN  situation for everyone.

This worked so well there that the idea has been spreading all over South America.....and it's having results.....crime rates have decreased in the cities where this has been put in place and people are taking pride in their city.

So, maybe just maybe, the US should be looking at doing similar things in our large cities, Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a decrease in Smog pollution, etc.?


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aloha -To Be Happy

Aloha - one of it's many meanings is " to be happy with" or be passionate about something. We usually define it as Love. So what does love mean? Actually, it is all about desire, enthusiasm, passion, happiness, compassion, kindness, friendship and  as has been said, Love makes the world go 'round".

As I realize just what's involved in "love" or Aloha, I see that it really is the driving force that makes things happen everywhere. It's a gentle but very strong energy that calms and resolves issues.

All of that is great but how do you actually make it work for you in life?  Do you have a passion for some thing that you would like to have in your life? Not desiring something as in wanting it desperately but an actual passion to have it.  Desiring something desperately actually blocks you for bringing into your life what you desire to have. You are effectively telling the Universe that you have a lack and yes maybe you'll eventually get some result but mainly you will get stressed out and be blocking free and easy manifestation. So have what Serge King calls "positive passion" which is enthusiasm, joy over the idea of having what it is you desire. So, focus on the positive not the negative. When you send out those thoughts of how much you enjoy and are enthusiastic about this thing you want, seeing all it's good points (money...seeing how you'll use it, a new job - seeing how you love your work and co workers, a relationship..etc.) all of a sudden this thing starts coming to you and continues to do so in greater and greater abundance.  This is the power of Love...Aloha!

Friday, August 1, 2014

4 Year Old Working To End Alzheimers A good News Article

A 4 year old child whose grandmother is suffering with Alzheimers Disease has for the last year been seeking donations nationwide to support research and end the crippling effects of this disease. 

This has been reported on the Good News Network; see this link for the full story

This shows me that any and all of us can positively help each other and improve the quality of life for all on this planet. Think about it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Moment of Power

A moment of power. Manawa which in Hawaiian means " season, time, feelings" and is referring to the now moment of power.

Can you touch, feel, see or taste the past? How about the future? No, of course you can't so actually if you think about it, they really don't exist. Don't get excited and scream at me that you clearly remember parts of your past so it does exist. No, it doesn't! It's only real existence is as memory. It doesn't have a touchy, feely NOW existence. I'm not saying that those memories don't have an effect on you but you are allowing those effects to happen. Allowing those memories to effect you current opinions and attitudes.  Were some of those past memories painful? Yeah, everyone has those but they don't have to be with you NOW. Change how you see them and make them work for you instead. How? Well, what did you learn from them? Have they taught you what you clearly don't want in your life? Then they have taught you a valuable lesson and you can use that information to go forward can't you?

The future? It hasn't happened yet and it's not going to happen until you get there......until it becomes the Now. So it too has no power. Why worry about it? You are intelligent and will make good decisions as you go through each day and you can always change you choices from day to day. In other words,. you have the freedom (it's called free choice of course) to try anything. So, how about thinking outside the box and see what exciting things you can come up with for your walk through life.

The moment of power you have is NOW and that's a good thing!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Good News Item

Here's a good news item......

 Cirque du Soleil founder .Guy Laliberte  has..started a foundation by initially funding it with 100 million Canadian dollars to hep the poorest countries of the world gain access to  clean water. A commodity that most of us take for granted and one not easily avilable in other countries of the world. 

Hats off to mr. Laliberte!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Do You See A Friendly World?

The world is what you think it is. This is IKE in Hawaiian which means " to see, know, feel, perceive, be aware, understand. Simply said then...Our experience of the world is determined by how we "see" it. Do you see a friendly world or a hostile one?  Which would you prefer?

Sure, you'd prefer a friendly one, who wouldn't. I certainly do. That means that if I think the world is friendly (really think it o.k. no cheating with doubt in there) then it WILL be friendly for me. People will smile and say Hi, I'll find a parking space in a crowded lot, steak will be on sale!

I haven't lost my mind or gone zoo-zoo. It really does work (originally much to my surprise). 

If you wish to succeed at anything and  convince yourself that you can succeed, you will do so. So, you say, that's great but how do I convince myself and have no doubts? Well, to begin with, ignore those inner voices that try to tell you that you can't, don't have the talent or money or time. I mean really ignore and INSIST TO YOURSELF that the power to succeed is very real and you have it. Yup, every time you start to "think" otherwise catch yourself and insist. It may take a while but you will change your belief and by doing that your experience of the world will change also.

Remember, the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that you have are are just things you've learned over time. When any of them are no longer useful then it's time to change them for something that is more in line with what you desire from your life. 

Here's wishing  you a friendly, loving world to explore.

Barb Solomon

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Concentration -Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

"Energy goes where attention flows". 

The Huna principle ,Makia in Hawaiian meaning "aim, concentration". This is one of the first principles of Huna that I had learned from Serge Kahili King,PhD. . Since everything is energy including us, we are constantly creating with our attention, the world we live in. Well, words are one thing but to really know this means to use it to change something.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to once again use this principle in the "real world".

 I live in a semi-rural area of north central Florida, outside of Gainesville and our neighborhood has a number of feral cats roaming it. I am one of those in the "hood" who feed these cats and see to their overall health (and neutering!) . One that I have named Lil Bit came for lunch and as I put out food for him, I noticed that he had a raw, red bite mark on this ear (the size of a quarter) and 2 long red cuts on his side. He had obviously been in a fight with another critter. I was concerned about these cuts getting attention so they wouldn't get infected;  knowing that he does not let humans touch him AT ALL!  I  put his food down on the patio and went back into my florida room and watched him thru a window. I had a good view of his injuries.

Now, as a Reiki Master and Huna Master, I began to concentrate energy (mana) and putting all my attention on his injuries. I stood there repeating." Wounds on your side and ear are healed. Your side and ear are fine." I kept this up for a few minutes and as I watched, the cuts on his side disappeared, even the fur was back! And the bite on his ear became simply a spot of skin with no redness but no fur.  O.K. so this was great to see and I ran around the housesaying, "yes, it works!" . When he came back for supper that early evening  even the spot on his ear had regrown fur. There was no mark on him to indicate he had been in a fight that morning!  

As Dr. King states clearly in his books, "energy goes where attention flows" and I would highly recommend his book Instant Healing Now! for further explanation.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

The World Is A Friendly Place

Yesterday I met a stranger in a public library. "So what!" you say.  Well, this stranger was a lovely older woman who happened into the library for some information. Waiting in line, we got to talking and she told me this wonderful story about one of her many experiences with this world being a friendly place.  Here's her story:

She lives in New Jersey and drove to New York City to attend a weekend class. She is retired and has a very limited income and so she paid for the class but really couldn't afford to pay for a hotel in The Big Apple ( downtown Manhattan) for a weekend.  She figured that she would just drive back and forth (we're talking about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each way).

 Friday morning bright and early she prepared to drive into the city and for some reason she couldn't really explain decided to pack a small suitcase with some clothes and toiletries and bring that along with her.

At the end of the day, when the class was dismissed she was feeling rather worn out and hungry. She walked down the street looking for a restaurant (New York has so many every where) and passed a building with a small sign saying " International Hostel " and an arrow pointing up to the second floor. The bottom floor was a well known Vegetarian Restaurant. Figuring she had nothing to lose she climbed the stairs and talked to the woman in charge of the Hostel. It seems that age wasn't an issue(she thought she had to be a young person to stay in a hostel) and she could have a very nice room, access to the kitchen, linens provided for a sum total of $10.00 a night. Oh and she was told that if she wanted to help out in the restaurant doing kitchen work like chopping vegetables or cleaning then she could stay for no charge. Yes, she stayed and the next day at the class she was attending the luncheon served was from this restaurant and she was sure it had some of the vegetables she had chopped the day before.

As she related this story to me, her eyes filled with tears and joy and a big smile lit up her face. "Isn't it wonderful ?" she said to me, "Whenever I need something it always comes to me in such amazing ways. Spirit always provides for me. What a wonderful world."

Have a wonderful, smile filled day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kala The Unlimited Journey

Hi and welcome to Kala Journey!

 Kala is a Hawaiian word that means, "to untie, to loosen, free, forgive, release." The main idea actually is There Are No Limits.

The universe itself is infinite and contains all possibilities. So, anything is possible for you to do. You just have to figure out how to do it. That's the rub, right?  Well, you can figure it out.

Start by realizing that everything is energy including you and energy has an influence on all other energy. It's all interconnected.  Remember the Chaos Theory of the butterfly beating it's wings in Japan and causing a storm in the U.S.?  Yeah, it's all connected.   Another example perhaps? O.K.,,, we know that our thoughts, state of mind, emotions can all affect our bodies (proven scientific fact) and that extends out to our environment.  Think not? O.K., how about when you're depressed or angry? Are the people around you cheerful, loving and helpful to you then? Or, do they try their best to get away from you? Run, don't they? Yeah, they do. So....

It's all interconnected in this universe of ours and any limits or boundaries are just they way we have learned to perceive our world.

Kala - no limits. And we have free choice too!

I invite you to come with me on a Kala journey into a positive, helpful universe and world.