Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Moment of Power

A moment of power. Manawa which in Hawaiian means " season, time, feelings" and is referring to the now moment of power.

Can you touch, feel, see or taste the past? How about the future? No, of course you can't so actually if you think about it, they really don't exist. Don't get excited and scream at me that you clearly remember parts of your past so it does exist. No, it doesn't! It's only real existence is as memory. It doesn't have a touchy, feely NOW existence. I'm not saying that those memories don't have an effect on you but you are allowing those effects to happen. Allowing those memories to effect you current opinions and attitudes.  Were some of those past memories painful? Yeah, everyone has those but they don't have to be with you NOW. Change how you see them and make them work for you instead. How? Well, what did you learn from them? Have they taught you what you clearly don't want in your life? Then they have taught you a valuable lesson and you can use that information to go forward can't you?

The future? It hasn't happened yet and it's not going to happen until you get there......until it becomes the Now. So it too has no power. Why worry about it? You are intelligent and will make good decisions as you go through each day and you can always change you choices from day to day. In other words,. you have the freedom (it's called free choice of course) to try anything. So, how about thinking outside the box and see what exciting things you can come up with for your walk through life.

The moment of power you have is NOW and that's a good thing!