Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Good News Item

Here's a good news item......

 Cirque du Soleil founder .Guy Laliberte  has..started a foundation by initially funding it with 100 million Canadian dollars to hep the poorest countries of the world gain access to  clean water. A commodity that most of us take for granted and one not easily avilable in other countries of the world. 

Hats off to mr. Laliberte!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Do You See A Friendly World?

The world is what you think it is. This is IKE in Hawaiian which means " to see, know, feel, perceive, be aware, understand. Simply said then...Our experience of the world is determined by how we "see" it. Do you see a friendly world or a hostile one?  Which would you prefer?

Sure, you'd prefer a friendly one, who wouldn't. I certainly do. That means that if I think the world is friendly (really think it o.k. no cheating with doubt in there) then it WILL be friendly for me. People will smile and say Hi, I'll find a parking space in a crowded lot, steak will be on sale!

I haven't lost my mind or gone zoo-zoo. It really does work (originally much to my surprise). 

If you wish to succeed at anything and  convince yourself that you can succeed, you will do so. So, you say, that's great but how do I convince myself and have no doubts? Well, to begin with, ignore those inner voices that try to tell you that you can't, don't have the talent or money or time. I mean really ignore and INSIST TO YOURSELF that the power to succeed is very real and you have it. Yup, every time you start to "think" otherwise catch yourself and insist. It may take a while but you will change your belief and by doing that your experience of the world will change also.

Remember, the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that you have are are just things you've learned over time. When any of them are no longer useful then it's time to change them for something that is more in line with what you desire from your life. 

Here's wishing  you a friendly, loving world to explore.

Barb Solomon