Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Two Black Holes At Milky Way Center

The second black hole at the center of our galaxy as now been observed by scientists and it's amazing for many reasons.

First, I follow the channelings of KRYON thru Lee Carroll and have found that Kryon is not only a loving, helpful entity but also an accurate one!  A few years ago, Kryon stated that we would be locating the second black hole at the center of our galaxy and so we finally have done so!

This is a black hole with characteristics that scientists haven't seen before - a wide dispersion compact cloud WITHOUT a compact mass at it's center.

Here's the link to read the whole article:http://astronomy.com/news/2016/01/signs-of-second-largest-black-hole-in-the-milky-way?spMailingID=24538027&spUserID=MTE2MjkyMDg4NDI0S0&spJobID=723079026&spReportId=NzIzMDc5MDI2S0

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Get On The Train!

Get on the train! Oh yeah,,it's a true and interesting story. So...

I've found that the principles and practice of Huna mesh so beautifully with the teachings of the angelic entity Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll and this was really brought home to me recently.

I was focusing on getting a part-time job. This isn't so easy for people like myself - "retired" (age is still one of the unspoken prejudices in this country). Huna says KALA - "There are no limits" and MAKIA - "energy flows where attention goes". A Kyron channeling I had just finished reading spoke to these same principles and also said "You don't know what you don't know". In other words, the solution you're looking for may be "out of the box"...something you can't even imagine at the time. So, focus on the general/specific not the detailed specific need. 

Also in this Kryon channelled information, a metaphor was given about this very thing. It refers to the focusing of attention ( giving pure intent) as holding a ticket for a train (your spiritual path) going forward to some place undefined by you. You hold the ticket and wait at the station platform for the train to arrive not knowing when it will come or where it's going to take you but knowing wherever and whenever it is, it will be perfect just for you at that time. It's called trust.

O.K., so I focused...gave pure intent for getting a job that was part-time, paid a decent amount and that I would enjoy doing. Of course, nothing happened right away (oh the impatience of us humans!) but I still held my intent.  It was two weeks later and I was in my local library looking for some books to check out. The librarian in talking to me said " Barbara, I don't know if you really have any interest in working but I received a job listing that when I read it made me think that you would be perfect for it. Can I show you the information?" I was astounded but managed to say "sure, why not". An organization was looking for a Tester/Classroom Observer for elementary schools. I put the info in my purse not sure why the librarian thought this "fit" me. The next few days I kept feeling an inner "push"....."look the job up". So I did not expecting anything that I would even be remotely interested in doing. HA! The program was an early literacy program, the qualifications needed looked like they had copied my personal resume. This was wild. I had a ticket and the train was on it's way to me!

   I sent in my resume and figured that if I heard it would be at least a month. Ho Hum. So, three days later I received a phone call from the human relations person, we had a lovely conversation and ended by her asking it I was interested and I said yes I definitely was interested. She said about checking references, background check, etc. and they would get back to me. Two days later she called me to set up a photograph and fingerprinting session asap since I needed to be in training class the next week. She never said I was hired, just assumed that I knew I was.The train had arrived and I was pushed on it! The job? It  was great!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Helpful Bacteria Found in Plain Ole Dirt

Helpful bacteria has been "found" by researchers in Boston. These bacteria have the potential to be extremely effective in eliminating bacterial infections in humans that have proven resistant to current antibiotics.

Another really good reason for protecting the earth environment. Please see attached article...http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/microbe-found-grassy-field-contains-powerful-antibiotic/

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cable Cars and More Are we Lagging Behind?

Cable cars and more..Are we lagging behind in this country? I recently had a very interesting discussion with a close friend.  Seems that in the last few years, the U.S. has been staying static about helping eliminate pollution, helping the poorer segments of the population and on and on. It was pointed out to me that South America seems to be surpassing us in working on WIN-WIN solutions to these types of problems.

Medellin, Columbia, South America found a way (when money was tighter than tight) to put into place a cable car system(an innovation presented to them by a Canadian project) that allows the poorer citizens who live on the mountain and who has to spend an hour getting down to the city to work, to travel to the city via cable car or escalator taking 5 (five) minutes for the trip and for free! What a concept! Caring about the citizens, improving their standard of living and the companies where they work have happier employees, getting to work on time and working hard.  As I said, a WIN WIN  situation for everyone.

This worked so well there that the idea has been spreading all over South America.....and it's having results.....crime rates have decreased in the cities where this has been put in place and people are taking pride in their city.

So, maybe just maybe, the US should be looking at doing similar things in our large cities, Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a decrease in Smog pollution, etc.?


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aloha -To Be Happy

Aloha - one of it's many meanings is " to be happy with" or be passionate about something. We usually define it as Love. So what does love mean? Actually, it is all about desire, enthusiasm, passion, happiness, compassion, kindness, friendship and  as has been said, Love makes the world go 'round".

As I realize just what's involved in "love" or Aloha, I see that it really is the driving force that makes things happen everywhere. It's a gentle but very strong energy that calms and resolves issues.

All of that is great but how do you actually make it work for you in life?  Do you have a passion for some thing that you would like to have in your life? Not desiring something as in wanting it desperately but an actual passion to have it.  Desiring something desperately actually blocks you for bringing into your life what you desire to have. You are effectively telling the Universe that you have a lack and yes maybe you'll eventually get some result but mainly you will get stressed out and be blocking free and easy manifestation. So have what Serge King calls "positive passion" which is enthusiasm, joy over the idea of having what it is you desire. So, focus on the positive not the negative. When you send out those thoughts of how much you enjoy and are enthusiastic about this thing you want, seeing all it's good points (money...seeing how you'll use it, a new job - seeing how you love your work and co workers, a relationship..etc.) all of a sudden this thing starts coming to you and continues to do so in greater and greater abundance.  This is the power of Love...Aloha!

Friday, August 1, 2014

4 Year Old Working To End Alzheimers A good News Article

A 4 year old child whose grandmother is suffering with Alzheimers Disease has for the last year been seeking donations nationwide to support research and end the crippling effects of this disease. 

This has been reported on the Good News Network; see this link for the full story http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/4-year-old-girl-seeking-donation-every-state-end-alzheimers/

This shows me that any and all of us can positively help each other and improve the quality of life for all on this planet. Think about it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Moment of Power

A moment of power. Manawa which in Hawaiian means " season, time, feelings" and is referring to the now moment of power.

Can you touch, feel, see or taste the past? How about the future? No, of course you can't so actually if you think about it, they really don't exist. Don't get excited and scream at me that you clearly remember parts of your past so it does exist. No, it doesn't! It's only real existence is as memory. It doesn't have a touchy, feely NOW existence. I'm not saying that those memories don't have an effect on you but you are allowing those effects to happen. Allowing those memories to effect you current opinions and attitudes.  Were some of those past memories painful? Yeah, everyone has those but they don't have to be with you NOW. Change how you see them and make them work for you instead. How? Well, what did you learn from them? Have they taught you what you clearly don't want in your life? Then they have taught you a valuable lesson and you can use that information to go forward can't you?

The future? It hasn't happened yet and it's not going to happen until you get there......until it becomes the Now. So it too has no power. Why worry about it? You are intelligent and will make good decisions as you go through each day and you can always change you choices from day to day. In other words,. you have the freedom (it's called free choice of course) to try anything. So, how about thinking outside the box and see what exciting things you can come up with for your walk through life.

The moment of power you have is NOW and that's a good thing!