Saturday, August 16, 2014

Aloha -To Be Happy

Aloha - one of it's many meanings is " to be happy with" or be passionate about something. We usually define it as Love. So what does love mean? Actually, it is all about desire, enthusiasm, passion, happiness, compassion, kindness, friendship and  as has been said, Love makes the world go 'round".

As I realize just what's involved in "love" or Aloha, I see that it really is the driving force that makes things happen everywhere. It's a gentle but very strong energy that calms and resolves issues.

All of that is great but how do you actually make it work for you in life?  Do you have a passion for some thing that you would like to have in your life? Not desiring something as in wanting it desperately but an actual passion to have it.  Desiring something desperately actually blocks you for bringing into your life what you desire to have. You are effectively telling the Universe that you have a lack and yes maybe you'll eventually get some result but mainly you will get stressed out and be blocking free and easy manifestation. So have what Serge King calls "positive passion" which is enthusiasm, joy over the idea of having what it is you desire. So, focus on the positive not the negative. When you send out those thoughts of how much you enjoy and are enthusiastic about this thing you want, seeing all it's good points (money...seeing how you'll use it, a new job - seeing how you love your work and co workers, a relationship..etc.) all of a sudden this thing starts coming to you and continues to do so in greater and greater abundance.  This is the power of Love...Aloha!

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