Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cable Cars and More Are we Lagging Behind?

Cable cars and more..Are we lagging behind in this country? I recently had a very interesting discussion with a close friend.  Seems that in the last few years, the U.S. has been staying static about helping eliminate pollution, helping the poorer segments of the population and on and on. It was pointed out to me that South America seems to be surpassing us in working on WIN-WIN solutions to these types of problems.

Medellin, Columbia, South America found a way (when money was tighter than tight) to put into place a cable car system(an innovation presented to them by a Canadian project) that allows the poorer citizens who live on the mountain and who has to spend an hour getting down to the city to work, to travel to the city via cable car or escalator taking 5 (five) minutes for the trip and for free! What a concept! Caring about the citizens, improving their standard of living and the companies where they work have happier employees, getting to work on time and working hard.  As I said, a WIN WIN  situation for everyone.

This worked so well there that the idea has been spreading all over South America.....and it's having results.....crime rates have decreased in the cities where this has been put in place and people are taking pride in their city.

So, maybe just maybe, the US should be looking at doing similar things in our large cities, Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a decrease in Smog pollution, etc.?


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