Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Get On The Train!

Get on the train! Oh yeah,,it's a true and interesting story. So...

I've found that the principles and practice of Huna mesh so beautifully with the teachings of the angelic entity Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll and this was really brought home to me recently.

I was focusing on getting a part-time job. This isn't so easy for people like myself - "retired" (age is still one of the unspoken prejudices in this country). Huna says KALA - "There are no limits" and MAKIA - "energy flows where attention goes". A Kyron channeling I had just finished reading spoke to these same principles and also said "You don't know what you don't know". In other words, the solution you're looking for may be "out of the box"...something you can't even imagine at the time. So, focus on the general/specific not the detailed specific need. 

Also in this Kryon channelled information, a metaphor was given about this very thing. It refers to the focusing of attention ( giving pure intent) as holding a ticket for a train (your spiritual path) going forward to some place undefined by you. You hold the ticket and wait at the station platform for the train to arrive not knowing when it will come or where it's going to take you but knowing wherever and whenever it is, it will be perfect just for you at that time. It's called trust.

O.K., so I focused...gave pure intent for getting a job that was part-time, paid a decent amount and that I would enjoy doing. Of course, nothing happened right away (oh the impatience of us humans!) but I still held my intent.  It was two weeks later and I was in my local library looking for some books to check out. The librarian in talking to me said " Barbara, I don't know if you really have any interest in working but I received a job listing that when I read it made me think that you would be perfect for it. Can I show you the information?" I was astounded but managed to say "sure, why not". An organization was looking for a Tester/Classroom Observer for elementary schools. I put the info in my purse not sure why the librarian thought this "fit" me. The next few days I kept feeling an inner "push"....."look the job up". So I did not expecting anything that I would even be remotely interested in doing. HA! The program was an early literacy program, the qualifications needed looked like they had copied my personal resume. This was wild. I had a ticket and the train was on it's way to me!

   I sent in my resume and figured that if I heard it would be at least a month. Ho Hum. So, three days later I received a phone call from the human relations person, we had a lovely conversation and ended by her asking it I was interested and I said yes I definitely was interested. She said about checking references, background check, etc. and they would get back to me. Two days later she called me to set up a photograph and fingerprinting session asap since I needed to be in training class the next week. She never said I was hired, just assumed that I knew I was.The train had arrived and I was pushed on it! The job? It  was great!

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