Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Two Black Holes At Milky Way Center

The second black hole at the center of our galaxy as now been observed by scientists and it's amazing for many reasons.

First, I follow the channelings of KRYON thru Lee Carroll and have found that Kryon is not only a loving, helpful entity but also an accurate one!  A few years ago, Kryon stated that we would be locating the second black hole at the center of our galaxy and so we finally have done so!

This is a black hole with characteristics that scientists haven't seen before - a wide dispersion compact cloud WITHOUT a compact mass at it's center.

Here's the link to read the whole article:http://astronomy.com/news/2016/01/signs-of-second-largest-black-hole-in-the-milky-way?spMailingID=24538027&spUserID=MTE2MjkyMDg4NDI0S0&spJobID=723079026&spReportId=NzIzMDc5MDI2S0

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