Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Concentration -Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

"Energy goes where attention flows". 

The Huna principle ,Makia in Hawaiian meaning "aim, concentration". This is one of the first principles of Huna that I had learned from Serge Kahili King,PhD. . Since everything is energy including us, we are constantly creating with our attention, the world we live in. Well, words are one thing but to really know this means to use it to change something.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to once again use this principle in the "real world".

 I live in a semi-rural area of north central Florida, outside of Gainesville and our neighborhood has a number of feral cats roaming it. I am one of those in the "hood" who feed these cats and see to their overall health (and neutering!) . One that I have named Lil Bit came for lunch and as I put out food for him, I noticed that he had a raw, red bite mark on this ear (the size of a quarter) and 2 long red cuts on his side. He had obviously been in a fight with another critter. I was concerned about these cuts getting attention so they wouldn't get infected;  knowing that he does not let humans touch him AT ALL!  I  put his food down on the patio and went back into my florida room and watched him thru a window. I had a good view of his injuries.

Now, as a Reiki Master and Huna Master, I began to concentrate energy (mana) and putting all my attention on his injuries. I stood there repeating." Wounds on your side and ear are healed. Your side and ear are fine." I kept this up for a few minutes and as I watched, the cuts on his side disappeared, even the fur was back! And the bite on his ear became simply a spot of skin with no redness but no fur.  O.K. so this was great to see and I ran around the housesaying, "yes, it works!" . When he came back for supper that early evening  even the spot on his ear had regrown fur. There was no mark on him to indicate he had been in a fight that morning!  

As Dr. King states clearly in his books, "energy goes where attention flows" and I would highly recommend his book Instant Healing Now! for further explanation.

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