Thursday, May 22, 2014

The World Is A Friendly Place

Yesterday I met a stranger in a public library. "So what!" you say.  Well, this stranger was a lovely older woman who happened into the library for some information. Waiting in line, we got to talking and she told me this wonderful story about one of her many experiences with this world being a friendly place.  Here's her story:

She lives in New Jersey and drove to New York City to attend a weekend class. She is retired and has a very limited income and so she paid for the class but really couldn't afford to pay for a hotel in The Big Apple ( downtown Manhattan) for a weekend.  She figured that she would just drive back and forth (we're talking about 1 1/2 to 2 hours each way).

 Friday morning bright and early she prepared to drive into the city and for some reason she couldn't really explain decided to pack a small suitcase with some clothes and toiletries and bring that along with her.

At the end of the day, when the class was dismissed she was feeling rather worn out and hungry. She walked down the street looking for a restaurant (New York has so many every where) and passed a building with a small sign saying " International Hostel " and an arrow pointing up to the second floor. The bottom floor was a well known Vegetarian Restaurant. Figuring she had nothing to lose she climbed the stairs and talked to the woman in charge of the Hostel. It seems that age wasn't an issue(she thought she had to be a young person to stay in a hostel) and she could have a very nice room, access to the kitchen, linens provided for a sum total of $10.00 a night. Oh and she was told that if she wanted to help out in the restaurant doing kitchen work like chopping vegetables or cleaning then she could stay for no charge. Yes, she stayed and the next day at the class she was attending the luncheon served was from this restaurant and she was sure it had some of the vegetables she had chopped the day before.

As she related this story to me, her eyes filled with tears and joy and a big smile lit up her face. "Isn't it wonderful ?" she said to me, "Whenever I need something it always comes to me in such amazing ways. Spirit always provides for me. What a wonderful world."

Have a wonderful, smile filled day.

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